Aged care facility: When is it needed?

Whenever it comes to a need of giving your beloved ones to special care, in particular, an aged care facility, it is usually a complicated decision. Sometimes, it means just a temporary stay in a facility; however, sometimes, a more complicated decision is needed, when your beloved one should go to live in a Glenhaven retirement home on a constant basis.

However, before making a decision, you should know which options are and when it is better to use them. It is time to check in detail which care he or she needs and which options are available.

Home care services

So, your aged relative has a sane mind, can evaluate the circumstances objectively and can take care of himself/herself in means of safety. However, he/she needs help in running the house, for example, cleaning, cooking and so on. Or he/she has domestic animals, e.g., a dog, and needs somebody who can help with walking it out.

As well, your relative might be managing his/her life quite finely, but he or she needs help with shopping. Then, home care service is the best option. Glenhaven elderly care facilities offer this option.

Temporary stay in an aged care facility

If you need to leave the place and you are the one who used to take care of your aged relative, you might want to send him or her to a Glenhaven senior home to stay there until you come back. As well, in some cases, aged people ask their relatives to organize such a temporary stay due to the following reasons:

  • They are bored at home
  • They have friends there, at an aged care facility;
  • They want to try something new, and the needed course is available at the facility.

Glenhaven nursing home care is a good option during times when there is not much to do at home.

Residential care

This is the option when your aged relative is not able to take proper care of himself/herself or has some medical condition that does not allow him or her to live on their own. If you or other family members aren`t able to take care of them, it is better to send them to a residential care facility, for example, a Glenhaven retirement home.

In some cases, it is recommended to do so when your relative has dementia. In this case, a specialist`s attention is needed. This condition cannot be cured, but with proper medical care, your relative can have a decent life. This is possible in a specialized care house.

Many people still live with stereotypes that aged care facilities are the option only for those careless and ungrateful kids who do not want to take care of their elderly parents.

However, just think about this: would you like to make them feel guilty because you have to leave your job and your family to take care of them? Or would you be responsible for their suffering which could be relieved with proper medical care?

Keeping your aged relative at home because you are worried about what people would think, depriving your close person that medical and personal attention that he or she deserves is the top of selfishness.

Sometimes, a Glenhaven retirement home is the best option for all parties, including your aged relatives.