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Baked Goods for Wholesale: Which One Is Really Worth It

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Craving for some baked goods? You can buy them in bulk to serve the whole family, officemates, or friends when you choose wholesale baked goods. Because the baking industry is with a lot of delicious and tasty selections, you can always satisfy your sweet tooth and taste buds. But, not necessarily all sweet; there is a number of healthy bakery products out on the market today!

wholesale baked goods

Statistics of the baking industry

Baked goods are never out of style. Bread, cakes, cookies, and other baked products are everyday favourites. For instance, bread wholesalers and bakers were shocked to find data that at least 11 million Australians buy bread within a period of seven days–roughly an average of $8.20 spent each in a 2016 study. This has led to Australia’s four billion dollar bread industry.

However, most people are now inclined to artisanal products more than the high-processed baked goods from factories. This will change the tides in the industry’s competition and the supply chain that gives and takes. Will the people choose what’s healthy or what’s cheap? Check it out at The Country Chef Bakery Co.

Aussies on healthy bread

Healthy bread is the way to go! There are fresh bread, conventional and organic bread. So, which one is more healthy to eat before you look for wholesale baked goods to serve to guests or give away to people you know?

  1. Fresh bread – Most pastry shops bake fresh bread every morning or dawn. Because bread is selling more during mornings, they’re baked fresh from the oven. They may be organic or conventional, depending on the chosen ingredients, like flour that is used to bake bread. Some breads are fresh but not organic, organic not fresh, conventional not fresh, and vice versa.
  1. Conventional bread – This is the bread often sold in supermarkets and grocery stores. Usually packed or served fresh, conventional bread retains its healthy value by 27 to 28 per cent over its life, loosing much of its nutrients by 75%. The preservative level is at 27% and has lesser whole foods by 12%. Anyhow, it’s still bread that is rich in grains.
  1. Organic bread – Australians have awakened to the fact that most commercialised wholesale baked goods, like white bread, have lesser grains, higher amounts of preservatives or additives, and lesser nutritional gains.

But, for organic bread, it’s baked without adding heavy amounts of preservatives or having ingredients that are exposed to pesticides and harmful fertilisers. With that, the nutritional value is recorded up to 63% and a little 7% of preservatives.

Still skeptical of what bread should you choose for wholesale? You should select based on health benefits. There is always organic bread from the bread wholesalers Melbourne has to offer!

Buy bread from the Country Chef

Enough of what’s said! If you want to see how your bread is made and want to see the beauty in what the pastry chef wholesale for bread can do, you can visit the Country Chef. It’s not just about bread, but the art of the supreme Australian baking industry. Visit this link for more info:

Digging into the Finger Food Catering Melbourne Trend

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If you check current social posts of events happening in the “cultural capital of Australia”, you’ll certainly find posts of parties and functions showcasing a spread of delicious finger food. Caterers, hosts, and guests are proud to show off the latest exciting finger food catering Melbourne trends. If you’ve been too busy stressing about your formal plated dinner and haven’t heard of it, read on and have a taste of what cocktail catering (another term for finger food catering) is ready to serve.

finger food catering melbourne

What is it?

Basically, you hire a catering service to provide you with food that you can easily eat with your fingers while standing or moving around a room to mingle. Sometimes, dishes in small plates or bowls are also served since these can comfortably be held in one hand. But most of the time, napkins suffice as ‘plates’.

It is also called cocktail catering since cocktail parties are social functions where guests are typically served with appetisers, which are small dishes or food served to stimulate one’s appetite.

However, the amount and portions of food served at finger food events today are actually plenty and large enough to serve as a full meal. However, they do still follow the concept of being able to hold the food in your hand while mingling and joining the festivities.

What sort of food is served?

You can serve a variety of menus for your cocktail event. Whether you are having a wedding catering reception or an office Halloween party, caterers can prepare dishes which tie into your theme, preferences, and budget.

Sandwiches, canapés, hors-d’oeuvres, chips with dips, and mini desserts are some of the common items. But you can even find dumplings, fruit and veg skewers, sushi rolls, yoghurt cups, mini burgers, and egg rolls.

What events hire finger food catering Melbourne companies?

From funeral catering Melbourne services to product launches, cocktail catering can suit any event and need. Just find a caterer who is flexible and experienced enough to prepare a menu that meets your requirements and preferences.

Corporate functions and weddings are some of the most popular venues where you can find a finger food set-up since it’s a great way to fit a lot of guests even into a smaller venue since this type of service doesn’t require big tables and plenty of chairs.

Can finger food catering match event themes?

Of course! You’ll find food catering Melbourne companies preparing miniature cakes and pastries for a finger food afternoon tea affair in a garden. The fancy cocktail drinks and appetisers served by butlers are still popular for formal gatherings, and how fancy you want it to be is only limited by how much you can afford to splurge on ingredients and liquor.

A backyard party turns into a traditional barbecue with a finger food menu that includes slider sandwiches with slices of tender and juicy meat, cups of salads, frankfurters on sticks, and kebabs.

Hosting a gathering celebrating holistic health? Ask your caterer to prepare vegan and vegetarian hors-d’oeuvres, potato skins, spinach dip, mini cauliflower pizzas, fruits on a stick and other tasty and healthy dishes.

A finger food catering Melbourne event can work out successfully with the help of a professional caterer. If you want to plan an exciting and appetising finger food menu, get in touch with the culinary team at